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Talk about “wow” factor.
Find out how we united 10+ exhibit booths to spotlight the great American outdoors.

Download the full case study here.

Brand USA is the destination marketing organization for the United States. As their marketing partner since 2012, we help plan and create their exhibit space at trade shows across the globe. One of these events is IPW, the leading U.S. travel trade show. Brand USA sponsors a dedicated space at IPW called Great Outdoors USA—an aisle of federal agencies and other organizations showcasing U.S. destinations and travel services.

Download the full case study here.

Since 2014, Brand USA has tasked Novak Birch with uniting individual partner booths in the large Great Outdoors USA aisle into one cohesive space that gives each partner a greater presence at IPW. It’s important to ensure that each partner booth retains its own identity, while connecting them with one look-and-feel.

Download the full case study here.

Each year, Novak Birch works with Great Outdoors USA partners (e.g., U.S. National Park Service and Smithsonian Institution) to unite 10+ booths in the 80’ x 30’ space, delivering one cohesive experience. We evolve the design every year to include new partners and to incorporate a fresh, branded theme and innovative elements. To unify the booths, we work with each partner to understand their unique identities and goals. Then, we design a family of branded elements to display throughout the aisle, connecting the booths and creating a branded space that attracts visitors.

For example, at IPW 2018:

  • The overarching theme promoted the “Find Your Way” campaign, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act and the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act.
  • Each booth featured a branded header and a photographic backdrop, connecting them in the exhibit space.
  • We designed a custom digital illustration of Mt. Hood, applied to elements throughout the area.
  • We created a branded aviator, hung above the booth to offer wayfinding in the large exhibit hall.
  • We designed, fabricated, and installed wooden park sign posts with iconography corresponding to each booth.
  • To anchor the space and provide ambiance, we designed a custom carpet featuring a trail map.
  • To provide storage and set dressing, we customized camping coolers.
  • Two planters filled with cacti and grasses lined the entrance to the aisle, creating a grand welcome.
  • Complementing the outdoors theme, we distributed branded trail mix to visitors.

Download the full case study here.

  • The unified aisle attracted thousands of IPW attendees, increasing visibility for all 11 partners and reinforcing Brand USA’s mission to promote U.S. travel destinations.
  • U.S. Forest Service Public Affairs Specialist Janelle Smith said, “You translated our ideas into artistic designs that are spot on. We look forward to working with you at next year’s IPW!”

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