A Revved Up Engagement Campaign

Choice Hotels

We jump-started a tired, ineffective employee engagement campaign by putting employees in the driver’s seat!

Download the full case study here.

Choice Hotels is one of the largest and most successful lodging companies in the world. Their annual Drive! campaign rallies associates around Choice Hotels’ annual business goals by helping them understand how their roles affect the company’s success.

Download the full case study here.

By April, Drive! campaign momentum had slowed significantly. Choice Hotels sought to reinvigorate the campaign to increase associate participation and improve productivity—and to recognize the company’s 75th anniversary.

Download the full case study here.

Novak Birch revamped the campaign to engage associates and support Choice Hotels’ business goals. Components included:

  • Updated logo and graphics that convey progress.
  • Engaging messaging that recognized Choice’s 75 years in business.
  • Associate-centric, empowering messages such as “You are in the driver’s seat.”
  • Kick-off events, including pop-up displays and gift bags.
  • Emails that generate interest, communicate progress, and provide results.
  • Monthly dashboard updates on the employee website, Voice of Choice.
  • The Summer Road Trip Trivia Game, which engaged associates with prizes and the ovall program incentive to meet campaign goals—an extra vacation day.

Download the full case study here.

  • Surpassed Choice goals ahead of schedule by increasing room occupancy, profitability, and consumer awareness within the first six months of the fiscal year.
  • Increased associate participation throughout the year, with 100-300 responses to each weekly quiz; associates also earned the incentive of a paid vacation day.
  • By engaging associates, the campaign also engaged investors and franchisees, increasing profit margins.
  • Choice enlisted Novak Birch’s support to create and launch the trivia game the following year.

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