Inspirational Storytelling

Bainum Family Foundation

What do you do with hundreds of mementos collecting dust? Turn them into an inspiring milestone wall!

Download the full case study here.

The Bainum Family Foundation offers educational programs and services that help children living in poverty break the bonds of their circumstances.

Download the full case study here.

The foundation sought to update its office to:

  • Reflect its new brand and prepare for an upcoming event
  • Create a tribute to the founder, Stewart Bainum, who had recently passed away, using hundreds of mementos collected over the years.

Download the full case study here.

To update the office and welcome visitors and staff, we incorporated the new brand in the common spaces, providing a cohesive look with a glass shelving system, lighting, fixtures, awards display, branded elevator lobby, and reception graphics.

To create a tribute to Mr. Bainum, we conducted an audit of the 100+ pieces of memorabilia and used them to tell his story through a milestone wall, so staff and visitors could be inspired by his legacy every day. Novak Birch conceived, designed, fabricated, produced, and installed the wall.

  • We organized the artifacts into phases of Mr. Bainum’s life, telling a compelling story and enabling the foundation to add future milestones.
  • To create visual interest while conserving space in the hallway, we used mixed media to mount three-dimensional memorabilia.
  • With clean lines, white borders, and neutral tones, the design brings Mr. Bainum’s story to life by letting the three-dimensional memorabilia shine.
  • The bubbles incorporate the new brand and introduce pops of color, helping the artifacts stand out and softening their edges.
  • The lighting ensures readability and enhances the memorabilia.

Download the full case study here.

The foundation has received positive feedback from staff and visitors. We subsequently created additional business card plaques, which the foundation gave as holiday gifts.

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